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Is A Home Equity Credit Line Right for You?

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Home Equity

Using credit lines against the equity of your home are one source of
consumer credit that is fast gaining popularity. Home equity is a valuable
asset which both lenders and borrowers can benefit from and as such, lenders
are offering home equity credit lines in a variety of ways.

As you probably know, most loans come with variable interest rates.
Generally, home equity loan rates differ with each lender. Some come with
attractive low introductory rates, and a few come with fixed rates. Also, you
may find that most home equity loans have large one-time upfront fees, others
have closing costs, and some have continuing costs, such as annual fees. There
are also home equity loans with large balloon payments at the end of the loan
and others with no balloons but with higher monthly payments.

There is no one loan that is right for every homeowner. Different
homeowners have different loan needs. The challenge therefore is to contact
different lenders in order to compare your options and select the home equity
loan best tailored to your needs.

Some things you need to keep in mind before choosing your home equity

  • Be sure to review the home equity contract carefully before signing

  • Do not hesitate to ask questions about the terms and conditions of
    your financing.

Is Home Equity Credit Line Right for You?

One of the best sources of credit is your home equity line. This is
because you can use the value of your home as collateral for a loan without
having to sell your property. Initially, home equity credit lines may provide
you with large amounts of cash at relatively low interest rates. And, what's
more, they also offer tax deductions, which is an advantage you can't find in
other types of loans.

However, with home equity loans, your house serves as mortgage
collateral. This further means that if you default on your loan, your lender
may foreclose on your home. With home equity loans, therefore, your home is at
risk if you are late or cannot make your monthly payments. Loans which require
you to pay a large final (balloon) payment may lead you to borrow money in
order to pay off this current debt. And if you do not qualify for refinancing,
your home may be in jeopardy. In addition, because home equity loans give you
relatively easy access to cash, you might find yourself borrowing money more
freely. Selling your home may not always be the option when a situation arises
where you can't afford to make anymore payments on your loan. This is because
most plans offered require you to pay off your credit line at that time.

Tony Forster has a keen interest in living debt free having been "up to his ears" before realizing the need to take control. He has compiled an online financial article resource at http://www.loan4payday.info


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